We are a fraternal Brotherhood with love of wisdom and the search for it to promote and support the memory and honor of Vietnam Veterans, the POW/MIA cause, the Veterans Outreach programs, Veterans hospitals, Disabled, Homeless and old age Veterans across the United States. We also promote and support positive legislation concerning motorcycle laws and policies, education of motorcycle safety and ethics and freedom from discrimination of all motorcycle riders in the United States.

We are veterans, sons, nephews, friends and brothers of those soldiers who fought for God and Country and we share a common bond of brotherhood with them. We exist because of them and are forever bound to show Honor, Loyalty, Respect and most of all Brotherhood to the Viet Nam M/C. We will forever carry on the memory of the Viet Nam Vets so no one will ever forget who they are and what they have done.

So when we ride, we ride for the 58,479 Brothers and sisters who never returned from South East Asia and other Veterans who have given their lives for our country. We know and understand that you do not have to be a Veteran to appreciate these sacrifices and value that the American Flag will continue to fly free and proud……